My Story

Personal Side Of Karen

  • Wife to life partner and best friend, Graeme
  • Celebrating 35 years of marriage
  • Mother to Anne, Brandon, Adam, Ashley
  • Grandmother to Ronnie, Eric, James, Nia, Kate and Evan
  • Raised on a farm in Winterbourne, encompassing a love of nature
  • Blessed to have both parents ages 88 & 90
  • Two amazing sisters who are my best friends
  • Lived in Waterloo region all my life
  • Enjoy travel, local, international and across Canada
  • Love of music and singing in church choir
  • Inspirational and caring individual
  • Writer, poet, meditative
  • Believer in dreams coming true
  • Acknowledge belief in God`s guidance along our path
  • Genuinely, authentically, Karen

Professional Side Of Karen

  • Dedicated employee with company for 33 years, since just after business was founded
  • Devoted five plus years at home to care for my children in early years
  • Prior church council chairperson & treasurer
  • Contribute time to support church home
  • Always there to help others
  • Value biblical principles
  • Respect and admire true leadership
  • Trustworthy and caring individual
  • Believe in balance between work, play and family

Passionate Side Of Karen

  • Adore friendships that make life sweet
  • Comforter
  • Friend
  • Strong believer in marriage and the family unit
  • Love of learning
  • Seeker of wisdom
  • Live life with sense of balance of mind, body, soul
  • Loving family member to our entire family circle
  • Being true to self
  • Treat every individual with respect
  • Love people and relationships that connect us
  • View love as an endless circle with which marriage creates a forever bond between two